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Browser Market Share for Aug. 2010

Posted by Bob Zenith on September 3, 2010

The results are in; during August of 2010 browser market share:

Internet Explorer is down 0.34 points to 60.40%

Firefox is up 0.02 points to 22.93%

Google Chrome is up from 0.36 points to 7.52%

Safari is up 0.07 points to 5.16%

Opera’s is down 0.08 points to 2.37%

It’s nice to know that people are finally starting to switch away from IE, but why are they going to Chrome? Why would you want Google to know all the site’s you are visiting? Google already has a monopoly over web searching – I certainly hope they don’t get a monopoly on browsers too.

Please download either Firefox or Opera; heck, even Safari is better than IE and Chrome…

* An interesting tidbit; from this blog’s site meter results for browser share, I see that the majority of readers use Firefox (75%), but some of who need to dump your love affair with Internet Explorer…


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Your Browser

Posted by Bob Zenith on July 28, 2010

Your browser can be one of the most important choices you make for your computer. There are several major web browsers out there:

    Internet Explorer
    Google Chrome

Internet Explorer comes default on all Windows computers, and cannot be uninstalled. This makes it a huge target for hackers and exploits, since most people use it. Stay away from this one.
Firefox is growing more popular each month. A free download at www.mozilla.org, it is a safer, more secure alternative to Internet Explorer.
Google Chrome is made by Google, (obviously), and although it’s fast, do you want Google spying on you everyday? I’d also advise you to stay away from this one.
Safari comes default on all Macintosh computers. Apple is becoming more popular each day and is giving Microsoft a run for it’s money. At one time Safari and Macs were “invulnerable” because they were so unpopular – this isn’t the case anymore. I wouldn’t choose this one either, because it bogs down your computer with useless stuff (like Apple always does), like “Apple Software Update” – and it stays on your computer even after you uninstall Safari.
Opera is a good choice because it is both revolutionary and not used by many. It’s sleek, fast, and overall AWESOME! Download it for free at opera.com

So, if you’re looking for a alternative to Internet Explorer, Firefox is your browser. Opera is a great choice too.

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