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Twitter Placing Ads in our Tweets?

Posted by Bob Zenith on November 3, 2010

Everyday,  more and more companies go over to the “dark” side of privacy. This week, the company was Twitter.

It appears that Twitter is now slipping in “promoted tweets” into tweet streams of those who are using HootSuite. Twitter has said that if all goes as planned, they will soon be expanding these ads to the general population of Twitter users (i.e. those not using HootSuite).

So, what’s the problem, you ask? Well…

[This practice is] invasive and unethical. It is also not uncommon for malicious links to be contained within adverts and I for one do not want to be a hoster for this, knowingly or not.

Source: Spudz (forum post)

This wouldn’t be as big as a deal as it is if it was an opt-in or opt-out scenario. In a perfect world, this service would be opt-in, so unless we choose to do so, ads would not be put in our Tweets. However, even if this was not instituted, there should still be an option to opt-out of receiving these “promoted” Tweets.

Oh, and what’s wrong with putting a little [Paypal] donation box on Twitter? Its much less invasive, and I’m sure they’ll still get a lot of money.


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