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A wonderful alternative to Adobe Reader

Posted by Bob Zenith on November 7, 2010

Ok, how many of you are tired of all the 0-day adobe reader exploits we’ve been hearing about? How many of you are tired of Adobe Reader altogether?

I’ve just found a great alternative to Adobe Reader, SumatraPDF

What makes Sumatra PDF so great? Well, two things, mainly. First, Sumatra is completely Open Source (source code available here), and it is very lightweight (only 2 MB, compared to Adobe Reader’s 38 MB). It’s final install size is ~4 MB, while Adobe Reader’s ~143 MB.

Although SumatraPDF doesn’t have all of the fancy capabilities of Adobe Reader, it is fine for the average user. The only thing I use Reader for was to open and read PDF files, which Sumatra also does.

I highly recommend giving this program a try – it is a wonderful alternative to the heavily exploited Adobe Reader


2 Responses to “A wonderful alternative to Adobe Reader”

  1. Brian Yang said

    I love Sumatra PDF. It’s extremely lightweight and fast and certainly isn’t as exploited (if at all) like Adobe Reader is.

    Adobe Reader’s final install size of 143 MB simply hilarious. Even readers with more features like Foxit Reader are smaller.

  2. valeryp31 said

    One time I tried Sumatra for rare jobs with PDFs. It’s good for simple reading PDFs. With the lapse of time I’ve needed a simple and cost-effective product for different works with PDFs. One of the excellent alternatives is PDF-XChange Viewer. It is FREE to use without any charges for 95% of the features such as the most used versatile Search, customize toolbars, Page Thumbnails, Stamp tool, Sticky tool, Select tool, adding/editing Comments, Bookmark, support XFA form. Pdf-XChange has Multilangual support and friendly user interface. It is a simple and cost-effective product for different works with PDFs and even the full-blown version is pretty cheap compared to the others.

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