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Now on Twitter

Posted by Bob Zenith on October 10, 2010

Well folks, PC-SOS is now on Twitter.

So far, my feelings with Twitter have been mixed, at best.

1. As part of the registration, I was asked to choose my email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or Linkedin) in order to “securely connect” to my address book. Uh, I’m not sure about everyone else, but I sure don’t want Twitter going through my address book to see if anyone in there has a twitter account.

2. About 2 minutes after I registered, I noticed that I already had 2 followers. I think, ‘huh?’ – no one even knows I have this account! Then, I check the users:

Arabella Gorman
hello and welcome! just looking for cute guys haha

hello and welcome! just looking for cute guys haha

Oh. Now I understand; I already have spammers following me, and I’ve only had an account for a few minutes. Luckily, Twitter offers the option to block accounts from following you, so I blocked them both and reported them as spam. IMO, you should have to approve ‘followers’ before they are allowed to follow you, in order to combat spam.

3. I also hate that bar on all Twitter pages that says “Psst… the new version of Twitter is here. Try it now!” – that bar stays on the top of the window, even if you scroll down – there’s no “x” or “close”; very annoying. Twitter veterans, anyway to get rid of that?

4. 120 Character limit – I see there’s a 120 character limit for tweets. Argh, I suppose I’ll have to use URL shorteners *shudder*. I detest URL shorteners in all forms – they mask the URL, therefore you have no idea what site you’re going to. Pf course, you can extract the real URL with services such as URL Void, but that takes time. Therefore, I will be shortening my links not with bit.ly, TinyURL, or any other common service. I will be using http://saf.li/ – it scans all shortened URLs with BitDefender antivirus (not top-notch, but will have to do…)

Well, I’m still playing around with Twitter, but expect my first Tweet soon!


One Response to “Now on Twitter”

  1. Issviews said

    I was your first follower πŸ˜€ The spammers came after πŸ˜‰ No, don’t go there, they did not follow me πŸ˜‰

    You will not get many spammers follow on twitter and can block them easy enough when you want to. Other Twitter users will also follow foir a short persion of time (a week) and then will leave. They do this to draw attention to their site in the hope you follow them.

    I have to agree that the ‘Try the New Twitter’ is a pain the the rear end and you can’t stop this popping up each time you log in. I suppose we will have to get used to this or finally agree to use it 😦 Will wait and see if this changes and Twitter do allow us to decline at some point. Lets hope a decision is made before it drives us nuts.

    The 120 character limit is not that small and once you get used to it, you will find it is acceptable as this is merely used as a taster and the link can be clicked to get the full story. As for short URLs, yes they can be a problem but long URL can solve this. I have not had any problems using the compressed links in Twitter not got any virus from any I visited, probably because I am choosy on who’s links I open.

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