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Facebook > Google

Posted by Bob Zenith on September 12, 2010

I found this article to be very interesting.
Basically, Facebook is now more popular than Google. (at least in the U.S.)

Initially, I took this with a grain of salt, because, when you think about it, people spend maybe 10 seconds on Google; Searching doesn’t take a long time to do.

However, I then found out that other Google owned websites (ex: Gmail and Youtube) were included. This is very intriguing; I would expect that each day a person would spend at least 30 minutes on Youtube, 10 on Gmail, and 5 on Google. That would mean, every day, a person would spend at least 55 minutes on Facebook. Is it really that addicting? I’ve never used it, so I suppose I could be very dense about the subject, but my god – 55 minutes a day on one website?

As the AP reports, comScore says that US net users spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook, or about 9.9 per cent of their total web surfing. By comparison, they spent 39.8 million minutes on Google sites, or 9.6 per cent of their total time. This includes not only Google’s search engine, its Gmail web-based email service, and other Google-branded sites but YouTube as well.

I can’t decide whether I’m happy that users spend more time on Facebook than Google or not… I hate both Google and Facebook for numerous privacy concerns.

Well, readers, I urge you to use neither Facebook nor Google. Instead, use email for communication and Scroogle for searching


One Response to “Facebook > Google”

  1. applehater said

    Facebook is definitely that big. I know many people who get on when they wake up, go to work/school, come home, and are then on Facebook for a few hours. It is extremely addicting, with its games and social ability, people are on it for hours. I don’t use it because I enjoy having some sort of life outside of my computer. Also I think it would be 5 times easier to just talk to them face to face (that makes it easier to use sarcasm). Like my friends have friends on Facebook, that they hated in high school, and haven’t seen or talked to them face to face in years. That doesn’t make any sense to me. But it does surprise me that face book is beating out Google, especially because of Youtube, I know people that youtube is their life. They are always on it watching and posting videos.

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