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Browser Wars: Where is Opera mentioned?

Posted by Bob Zenith on August 24, 2010

New innovations of major browsers (IE 9, Firefox 4, Chrome, etc.) have been dubbed “Browser Wars”. If you’ve been following all these articles and new developments, one thing you might have noticed: where is Opera mentioned? – Example 1Example 2

Sure, it isn’t the most popular browser, but it has some pretty cool features that are just as good, if not better than the major browsers.

Security: Opera holds just 2.45% of the browser market – who would write a malicious code for it? Because of its low market share it is safer than all the other major browsers.
Opera allows you to block pop-ups and specific content and Javascript (similar to NoScript, for Firefox).

Speed: Opera has a neat feature known as the “Speed Dial“. Whenever you create a new tap, a nice 9 box page comes up, with your favorite (customizable) sites on it. I’m not sure about you, but when I surf the net I go to the same 5 sites very often, and this is a neat way to go there quickly.

Customizable User Interface: The thing I like most about Opera is that anything and everything can be changed, shifted, or taken away, to fit your specific needs.

There are also a bunch of add-ons (widgets) for Opera. Of course, not as many as Firefox or IE, but with time, Opera’s widget library will grow.

So, try it out – you won’t regret it.


One Response to “Browser Wars: Where is Opera mentioned?”

  1. Spudz said

    Personally I have and will always be (as far as I can say at this present time) a Firefox fan. Yes it has had issues with vulnerabilities but they have been patched fairly quickly by Mozilla. Internet Explorer on the other hand, well lets just not go there other than the fact it is a permenant vulnerability which Microsoft wont seem to address with vigour. Next is Opera, which is quite a nice browser but only recently was patched for a vulnerability that took 3 years to fix if memory serves me correctly. I tried to find the post reference this earlier today back but it evaded me. Yes Opera has some nice features and its loyal supporters however I personally prefer the versatility of Firefox and the mountains of addons that is written for it. Should opera manage to match this in the future, I may reconsider but so far, it has had nothing exceptional to offer that I don’t already have with Firefox.

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