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Facebook Privacy Concerns: Will they ever end?

Posted by Bob Zenith on August 19, 2010

Well, can you guess? Wednesday evening Facebook announced a new feature called “Places”. In a nutshell, this allows you to “Check-in” to your Facebook account (through a mobile device) and let all of your friends know where you are.
My first thought when I heard this was: “Huh? When would someone even use this?” Am I the only one that thinks this is somewhat useless? Normally, my day is pretty boring. For the most part, I do the same thing everyday, school, shopping, watching tv, surfing the net, etc. Why would I tell someone where I am? But, I suppose some people would use this, and it issues some concerns:

“People, use common sense. Foursquare and geolocation applications only increase the chance of violent crimes and theft,” wrote a commenter on CNN.com. “If I announce online that I am on vacation, I’m pretty sure that leaves my house vulnerable.”

A user on Facebook’s blog wrote, “I’m upset that this was enabled by default — especially for people who are victims of stalking and harassment, it could be potentially dangerous if their location was broadcast to the world. Please change it so that this feature (especially the ability of your friends to indicate your location) is turned off.”

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One Response to “Facebook Privacy Concerns: Will they ever end?”

  1. Spudz said

    With the resent changes to Facebook privacy policy plus the addition of this ‘Places’ feature, it is easy to wonder just what the intentions and objectives of the site owners are! It seems to have moved from a social interaction service to one that utilises PII for its own gains plus seems to be wondering into the ‘Big Brother is watching you’ scenario. So glad I do not use Facebook or have the intention of doing so. like many companies in the past, they have grown too big for their boots where ethics are over-ruled by money.

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