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Posted by Bob Zenith on August 3, 2010

Looking for an alternative to Gmail? Well, Hushmail may be for you:

Hushmail is a secure web-based mail server. It uses High Grade AES-256 bit encryption to keep the contents of your emails secure. All emails are sent through encryption and scanned for viruses. Also has built-in spam protection.

Hushmail also gives you an option to “digitally sign” your email; this prevents things like email forgery.

However, if you use the email client for illegal purposes, Hushmail will fully comply with the law (of British Columbia) and attempt to give any user information that it can to the authorities; but, this should mean nothing to the average user, because as long as you don’t do anything illegal, you have nothing to be worried about.

So, if you want a email provider with a little more security than Hotmail or Gmail, give Hushmail a try.

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