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iPad Fever? Why?

Posted by Bob Zenith on July 29, 2010

The “revolutionary” iPad came out months ago, and people are still writing articles about it; how it’s going to create a whole new market for tablets, how it will challenge Microsoft’s technology dominance blah blah blah…

Here’s my problems with the iPad:

1. No USB Port or SD Card Slot: Here’s a nice article . Basically, since the iPad has no USB port or SD Card slot, we [users] have to pay extra to get separate (and I bet overpriced) adapters!
2. Laptop: same price, better functionality: The price of an iPad is about the same as that of a good laptop (600-$800, plus the cost of the plan you get). Why would you spend $700 on a iPad when you can get much more functionality (and memory) out of a laptop for the same price?
3. No Camera: I was very surprised when the iPad came out that there was no camera on it. I thought it would have incorporated the latest in camera technologies. Guess not.
4. No “Unlimited Data Plan” from AT&T: Pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks AT&T.

I personally don’t see the allure of the iPad. Maybe when the 2nd generation comes out, or when Apple lets some other network (Verizon, perhaps?) offer service (data plan, hopefully unlimited) for the iPad.


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