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Herbal King, Replica Watches

Posted by Bob Zenith on July 29, 2010

Here’s the spam I found in my inbox today:
* The following domains should all be considered highly dangerous and / or scam websites. Only visit if you are a trained professional, at your own risk *

Herbal King:
biggerpeniss. com
bottlejeans. ru
pagescoin. ru
mapheat. ru

Replica Watches / Ultimate Replicas:
cheapreplicawatchs. com
minutepod. ru
lineshed. ru
replicas4you. com
baggagedrug. ru

goldcycler. com
ebongle. com

Here’s a little explanation, if you’ve never heard of these scams:
Herbal King – Highly spammed website, promising drugs for several issues; when in fact the “drugs” contain no active ingredients. Customers either receive the drugs and find out their fake, or they never receive anything. Either way, these websites are SCAMS! Common alias: Dr. MaXman
Replica Watches: Offer replica watches for insanely low prices. What they don’t tell you is that they never arrive at your doorstep!


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