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Firefox Add-ons

Posted by Bob Zenith on July 28, 2010

Firefox has thousands of add-ons, but some here are some of the best:

Adblock Plus
Better Privacy
No FB Tracking
WOT – Safe Browsing Tool

Adblock Plus: We all hate annoying ads on the internet, but Adblock Plus helps to block them.
Better Privacy: Even if your browser does not allow cookies, special cookies called LSOs (Local Shared Objects) can still be stored. These cookies come from Flash games or videos. They cannot be deleted via your browser unless you have this add-on.
Flashblock: Does exactly what it says, blocks flash on sites.
Ghostery: Detects trackers (also called web bugs / web beacons), which are normally invisible to a user.
No FB Tracking: I’m not sure about you, but I’m always annoyed by those “Like” ads from Facebook. This add-on blocks those scripts.
NoScript: Allows you to only run scripts that you trust. This can lessen the amount of cookies that are put on your browser, and it can also help to prevent XSS and Clickjacking attacks.
WOT – Safe Browsing Tool: This is a must-have add-on. It uses traffic-light circles to judge the trustworthiness, vendor reliability, child safety, and privacy of a site. It gives you a warning screen (you can also adjust the settings to a blocking screen) when you reach a site that is rated poorly.


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