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Finding originating IP in an Email

Posted by Bob Zenith on July 28, 2010

Sometimes, when you receive an email, it may not be from whom it looks like…

Email can be spoofed!

Finding the originating IP Address is a sure-way to find out where the email actually came from:

In Gmail: View the email, then click the little drop-down arrow (next to the “reply” button on the far right) and select “Show Original”. What you now see is the email header (and down below, the body). In the header, look for an IP Address that is inside brackets: [] or ([ ]). If there is more than one IP address in brackets in the header, choose the one farthest down. Once found, that is the originating IP Address.

For other email clients, see this article

You can also use this neat tool to find the IP for you, until you get the hang of it yourself.


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